Dressing Tables

Dressing Tables and Mirror and Stool Sets

Whatever the size or style of your bedroom, the chances are that it might look very bare without a dressing table. A dressing table is a vital part of any bedroom, allowing storage of cosmetics and artefacts but also giving a display for frequently used or decorative items. Many people choose to adorn their dressing tables with precious photographs and trinkets such as vases, decorative perfume bottles and ornaments which have particular sentimental value. For a piece of furniture which is so important, it’s essential that you take extreme care when finding the right dressing table for you and your bedroom. The right dressing table should be one which is a balance between style and practicality. For every consideration about the amount of storage space the dressing table has, you should also consider how it will fit and look in your bedroom. And of course, the quality is paramount. All furniture from Furn-on has the perfect balance of style, functionality and quality so you can be assured that our items are just as useful and well made as they are fashionable. We’ve assembled a stunning selection of modern and traditional dressing tables, which are sure to appeal to any bedroom and any personal style.