Toy Boxes

Toy Chests and Blanket Boxes

The prospect of a child’s bedroom without a toy box seems like something very sad indeed. It’s hard not to smile when you consider a little face lighting up as they open the box and see all of their favourite toys inside. For many years, a toy box was an essential part of any child’s bedroom and they were always stylish, well made and seemed to finish off the room in style. For a while, the toy box fell out of style and many were abandoned in favour of displaying toys. As times have changed again, the toy box is back in fashion and a stylish, yet practical solution to toy storage is ideal for any bedroom, however big or small. A toy chest can sit under a book shelf or at the end of the bed and whilst they’re not open they can make a great seat for reading and playing. At Furn-on we have a delightful selection of toy boxes which add a classic or modern feel to any child’s bedroom. As they’re from Furn-on, you can be assured of the highest quality and as they’ve been built with a child’s space in mind, you can be promised that there are no sharp edges or corners. Why not finish the room in style?