Budget Dining Sets

Discount Dining Room Sets Under £250

When it comes to budget dining sets, we’re well aware that there is a huge difference between budget and cheap. When you say that you want dining furniture on a budget, we know that you don’t want to compromise on quality or style; you just wish to furnish your dining room at an affordable price, and we’ve carefully selected our collection of budget dining sets on that basis. We don’t believe there should be any compromise on quality or style, so whether you choose from our 2 or 4 seater sets, you know that you’ll be guaranteed the finest standards of craftsmanship. Budget dining sets from Furn-on are the epitome of style too and our metal and wood frames have been selected to complement any space. Whether your style is traditional or modern, you’ll find the perfect dining set. From our solid wood Mexican sets, pine breakfast sets with accompanying chairs or effortlessly stylish glass topped tables with contemporary chairs, budget now means no compromise whatsoever on the look or feel of your dining room. For a look your visitors will really admire, why not consider one of our uber-chic stowaway sets which aren’t simply stylish – they’re style personified!