Extending Dining Sets

Extending Dining Table and Chairs

Extending dining sets are the ultimate “just in case” piece of furniture. Easily extendable for planned or unplanned guests but also easily able to minimise for the usual family members, the extendable table should be a staple part of every dining room. When it comes to extendable tables from Furn-on, we believe that the functional and practical should always be married with the stylish and welcoming, and we’ve selected a range of extendable tables you’ll be dying to show off! Our collection of extendable dining tables has been specially selected with a variety of homes in mind, so there is a huge choice of styles of extending dining tables to choose from. If your taste is traditional, then we’re sure you’ll adore our collection of veneer and solid wood extending tables, ideal for the dining room or as a functional kitchen table. These are classic and elegant tables which won’t go out of style and will last as long as you want them to. If you prefer a touch of the contemporary though, you won’t be disappointed with glass tops, metal frames and high backed leather chairs combining to create a fresh, modern look which will appeal to any guest.