Glass Dining Sets

Glass Dining Table and Chairs

The beauty of glass dining sets is that they are versatile, clean and sleek as well as extremely modern. With many wooden dining sets, the shade of wood has to be exact in order to fit into a certain environment whereas glass can easily fit and suit any style of room whatsoever. The collection of glass dining sets from Furn-on has been specially selected to be as individual and unique as you and your home are and our ultimate aim is to provide a stunning centrepiece to your ding room which will be welcoming, homely and stylish and welcome your family and guests to the delights of your kitchen. Among the styles available are oblong, round and square shaped table sets which suit any and every size and shape of room and a huge variety of elegant designs which are clean, smooth and classically beautiful. For a family friendly way to do glass how about wood or metal framed tables and leather cushioned chairs? However, if it’s style above all else, then maybe our unframed, pedestal tables will suit you better. With clear and opaque glass on offer and with a variety of chairs to finish the effect, your glass table will be the focal point of your home.
Furn-On Glass Tables