High Gloss Dining Sets

High Gloss Tables and Chairs

Sleek and classically beautiful, high gloss dining sets are the perfect solution for those looking for the unusual in their dining table. Taking their cues from glass tables, high gloss sets are hard working and practical yet have the same effortless beauty which their glass counterparts are able to show. High gloss dining tables and chairs from Furn-on are the ultimate in style and welcome, and if you’re looking to impress family or guests then the style and welcome are the most important things. A table should complement the environment it sits in, so we’ve designed our high gloss dining sets to sit effortlessly in any space, whether traditional, modern or vintage. Our aim at Furn-On is to give you the most choice of style and ensure that every item in our collections is of the highest quality and you won’t be disappointed with the tables in our high gloss dining sets. From the ultra-modern, almost space age Fiji Small dining set which is not only visually stunning but also practical for even the smallest space to the more imposing, yet classic Chaffee design, every table from our collection of high-gloss dining sets, has the quality and finish for which Furn-On is famous.